Free Cash App – My Review & Testing Results!

Hey, welcome to my Free Cash App review :)

My name is Amber and over the past couple of months I have been testing systems like Free Cash App and sharing my results with the world. I guess you could call it a little hobby of mine!

Over the past 2 weeks I have been testing this brand new one called Free Cash App and to my surprise I have actually made some money!

UPDATE – Recent Trades Posted Below

Here are the last few trades I made with the Free Cash App:

GOLD Put 1253.525 1251.490 31.01.14
13:46 pm 31.01.14
14:30 pm $100 Won $181

OIL Put 97.7904 97.4950 31.01.14
11:04 am 31.01.14
21:00 pm $200 Won $362

EUR/AUD Call 1.54676 1.54111 31.01.14
04:29 am 31.01.14
21:00 pm $25 Lost $0

EUR/AUD Call 1.54107 1.54111 31.01.14
02:40 am 31.01.14
21:00 pm $25 Won $43.75

AUD/JPY Put 90.323 89.429 31.01.14
02:40 am 31.01.14
20:30 pm $25 Won $44.5

As you can see my results have been very good with this app and those are just a handful of the recent trades that have been made resulting in multiple wins.

Thanks to my positive results I am happy to recommend this app.

If you sign up through the link below you’ll get some bonus money that you can use in your account to trade with:

Click here to sign up with Free Cash App

Good luck :)


Is The Free Cash App A Scam?

Hey guys,

Amber here and in this quick blog post I’m answering the question so many people ask which is “Is the free cash app a scam?” – You wouldn’t believe how many emails and comments I get asking me this question when it comes to money making systems.

Anyway I’m sharing my full review of this new binary options trading app at the top of this page, so check it out and you will get your answer :)

Click here to see my review

Amber xx

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